The Problem with Unity is Uniformity

Our garden is looking really good. In this little corner of Texas, we’ve had just the right amount of rain and sun so our enthusiastic seedlings are all pretty happy right now.

I call it our “garden” as if it is one thing; and it is. But our tomatoes, okra and beans; our lilies, marigolds and daisies; our oregano, thyme and basil are obviously very different elements of our one garden. We planted for diversity on purpose.

Diversity is the whole point of a garden.

Our garden is one whole thing – and all the very different plants make up the unified whole. Like our bodies – arms and legs and hearts and kidneys: one body with all its parts. Like our families – moms and dads and babies and teens and grandparents: one family with all its members.

Like our nation.

One nation.

Under God.

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Charlotte’s Letter to Senator Cruz after the Iowa Caucus

Dear Senator Cruz,

I hear you won the Iowa Caucus on the Republican side. Your political savvy seems to have been successful with white Evangelical voters. I’ll be curious to see how your message resonates within our more diverse populations. You do remember that the United States of America is a highly diverse nation, right?

We are not only Red and White, but we are Blue and Black and Brown and Gay and Straight and Rich and Poor and Old and Young. 386046_353558644673595_1744144592_n If you would be president of these United States, then you are going to have to proclaim a word that makes sense to more than just your select tribe. If you would be president of this wonderfully diverse nation, then you should actually believe in the beauty of our differences.

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