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Truth, Justice and the American Way

Sometimes I still ask myself how I ended up living in small town Paris Texas;    9299103 I’m really a big city girl. My children grew up with friends from a rainbow of fascinating ancestries and I love the multicultural mix of people from across the globe who make up the Dallas Metroplex where we lived. As PTA president, my favorite thing was to organize the annual Multicultural Pot Luck Dinner in the school gym.

Paris Texas, on the other hand, is pretty black and white. We do have a Muslim Mayor from Pakistan and quite a few excellent doctors from India and some wonderful people from Latin America with their tasty food and their strong work ethic. But mostly we are Black and White.

The month we made our commitment to leave Dallas and move to Paris, a story hit newspapers across the nation, some as far away as Chicago; a story about the ugly death of a young Black man. Continue reading Truth, Justice and the American Way