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Human Rights Celebration at Church Women United

imagesYou probably noticed that Pope Francis came to visit recently. I found it fascinating to follow the news during his several days in the United States and to see live coverage of his several speeches: one to a joint session of Congress, another to the United Nations. It was lovely to see images of so many people moved with joy and hope and renewed conviction. This pope is a remarkable man who has captured the hearts of people – Catholic and Protestant, religious and non-religious – from across the globe.

But did you also notice the criticism? According to some, this pope is “socialist,” “communist,” “Marxist.” People use these caustic labels because of Francis’ advocacy for human rights and human dignity. Because of his insistence that societies should work together to care for the poor, the stranger, the prisoner, the environment.

More than one commentator has suggested that the Pope should stick to getting souls into heaven and stay out of politics.

But I’m thinking it’s not really that the pope is too political; rather it’s that his critics don’t like his politics.  Continue reading Human Rights Celebration at Church Women United

Change of Mind, Change of Heart: Moving Away from Fundamentalism

“If I change my mind, then I’d have to admit I’ve been wrong.”

He was a good man: humble and kind. He had lived for more than 80 years and had a gentle wisdom about him. So when my friend made this statement, my jaw dropped. How on earth can anyone think that way? I marveled.

But then I remembered – that used to be me.

I used to believe that “Right” and “Wrong” were Black and White; that if I was right, and you disagreed with me, then you must be wrong.

Now I believe all of us are probably mostly a little bit right and a whole lot wrong – about a whole lot of things.

I used to believe truth was a small fragile thing that needed to be defended.

Now I believe Truth is a rainbow with infinite colors and facets that takes a lifetime to explore. Truth doesn’t need to be defended; it needs to be discovered. Continue reading Change of Mind, Change of Heart: Moving Away from Fundamentalism