Living in The Story

Charlotte created Living in The Story for those who want to explore how to interpret the Bible from a post-modern progressive perspective. 996106_240173062830525_874444271_n

Followers are invited to read along with the reading guide and to consider Charlotte’s blogs about Scripture as she ponders intersections between the stories in the Bible, our own unique stories and God’s Story of Welcome and Grace.

Find the reading guide and resources for study at the website.

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1 thought on “Living in The Story

  1. Charlotte – I read every posting that you write via Coffee Party postings. My friends and family who send prayer requests are generally on the very conservative (and sometimes narrow-minded) side of the issues of our day. I do, like they, however, believe in the power of prayer. These days, I think that one of the most powerful things that we all might do is to start a prayer chain to ask for the removal of our current president from office. I would like to see him jailed, but removal by any means is good for me…all of us. You would be one of the best people I can think of to make that request. Thanks and wishes for a pleasant weekend. PS Hope you will be wearing orange in solidarity with the Parkland kids and all who want to see gun violence curtailed.

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