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Critiquing Our Public Schools

Christian Nationalism in a Nutshell

Asking Good Questions

Building More Bridges

Hard Won, Not Done

Do Unto Others. Yes, even in Politics

Stones and Glass Houses

“Callous?!” Look in the Mirror, Gov. Abbott

Find Your Courage, Gov. Abbott

Speak the Truth, Mr. Cruz

Will the GOP become the POT?

More Law and Order, Please

Pros and Cons of Unity Movements

Alternative Realities. Or The Dwarfs are For the Dwarfs

Loving Our Enemies

Living in Fear

Spiraling Grief

There are More of Us

The Hope of Prophets

When We All Vote

When Disillusion is a Good Thing

Celebrating the Tea in Boston Harbor

Vicious Cycles of Violence

Mean and Non-Mean People

The “Change Back” Temptation

It’s Our Turn

Submitting to Equality: One Woman’s Journey

Crying ‘Peace, Peace’ When there is No Peace

White Women: At our Best and At our Worst

All This Audacious Looting

Defensive Driving Tips for Defensive Living in an Age of Pandemics

No One Ever Accused these Folks of Being Logical

“You’re Not the Boss of Me”

Creating a New Normal that Works for Everyone

What (or Who) is Behind the Reopen America Protests?

Curiouser and Curiouser

Another New Hope

The Multifaceted, Multicultural Season of Christmas

Which Story Will We Choose?

Alright then. I’ll Just Go To Hell

Guns, Oil, Books: Follow the Money

When Difference Doesn’t Divide

An Eye for an Eye

Confessions of a Reluctant Patriot

When Political Tension is a Good Thing

The Healing Power of a Broken Heart: Healing the Heart of Democracy

“Enough of this centrist BS” ? No sir, Not Nearly Enough

Diversity is Our Reality; Unity is Our Goal

If the Right Must be Right then the Left Must be Heresy

When the Right is Always Wrong and the Left is Always Right

Who is My Neighbor? Who is My Enemy?


Real Power from the Bottom Up

Make America Kind Again

Do Unto Others …

The Long Walk

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Manufactured Orphans

Charlotte’s Guest Editorials in The Paris News

Will our County be a “Sanctuary” for ALL our Constitutional Rights?

The Rule of Law

Is It The Truth?

Across All our Aisles

Don’t Mess with Our Texas Children

Charlotte’s Ongoing Discussion with Local Republicans

Charlotte’s Open Letter to her Republican Neighbors

More of Charlotte’s Intersections Blogs

Keep On Keeping On. But How?!


Political Pastors

Thank you Oprah. I Feel Like I’ve Been to Church

Responding to the Cues

Truth Will Out

When Women Were Objects

How Long, O Lord?

When Respect is a Cultural Construct

Is It Really the End of White Christian America?

Bilingual: Speaking both Liberal and Conservative

American Civil Religion. Yes, It’s a Real Thing

The Rule of Law: A Challenge for my Conservative Friends

All You Need is Love

Jesus Wept

I Once Was Blind But Now I See

Counterproductive Progressivism

An Apology from an Embarrassed Liberal to my Conservative Friends

It’s None of Your Business. Except When It Is

Charlotte’s Letter to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Applauding Violence

The Problem with Unity is Uniformity

The Center of the Universe

When Nature becomes Un-Natural

“Change Back”

An Apology from an Embarrassed Christian to my non-Christian Friends

Conversations between Charlotte and Janie: Across Our Differences

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Diversity, Unity and Assimilation

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Rule of Law and Immigration

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Immigration

Charlotte and Janie Talk about the Affordable Care Act: How Can we Make it Better?

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Government: What is it and what is it for?

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Health Care, Education and NASA

Charlotte and Janie Talk about Health Care

Janie and Charlotte on Religious Liberty #4

Janie and Charlotte on Religious Liberty #3

Janie and Charlotte on Religious Liberty #2

Janie and Charlotte on Religious Liberty #1

More of Charlotte’s Intersections Blogs

A Glass Half Full

The Third Day


America in Process

This Remarkable American Family

Stunning and Outrageous Ignorance

Mental Gymnastics

Two Good Reasons Why I Am Going to #VoteAnyway

Donald Trump is Wrong about Voter Fraud

Lessons Learned from Yusra, Rafaela and Ibtihaj

Black Lives AND Cops’ Lives

Religion and Culture: Two Sides of a Coin

Letter to the Judiciary Committee on Advice and Consent

Absolutely Stunning

Maybe Not Such a Crazy Dream After All

Politicians: When You Pray, Move Your Feet

When Anthropology Trumps Ideology

Happy’ Veterans Day? Maybe One of These Days

The Cult of Money and Power

A Call to Give Up Christian Privilege for the Sake of Religious Liberty

‘Liberal’ and ‘Conservative’ Is Not the Problem

Table Talk that can Feed our Souls

Human Rights Celebration at CWU

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Rosa Parks and Kim Davis

A Theological Reflection for Labor Day

Exploring Intersections of Faith, Culture and Politics

How One Christian Minister Justifies Same Sex Marriage

Where Angels Fear to Tread: Some Thoughts on Abortion

A Letter to my Christian Friends who are Anxious about Your Religious Liberty

Pastors and Politics

Confessions of a Reluctant Patriot

“How Corporate America Invented Christian America” : A Reflection on this Important Book

How to Talk to “Those People”

Sincere Differences Discussed Sincerely

Change of Mind, Change of Heart: Moving Away from Fundamentalism

This is Outrageous: Loving our Muslim Neighbors

Feminism is Not the F-Word

Holding on to Hope in Such a World

Out of My Place, Into My Place

Faith, Culture and Politics

Love Your Neighbor. Period.

Privileged? Who Me?

Women are Created Equal Too

Rachel Weeping for Her Children

Then She Said: “I’ll Vote for Jesus”

There are Two Kinds of People in the World …

Dear Nice Person Who Asked Me About My Recent Letter to Sen. Cruz

Charlotte’s Letters to Sen. Ted Cruz…

…On Earth Day 2016

…Whose Religious Liberty?

…On Advice and Consent

…On Protecting Women’s Health

…After the Iowa Caucus

…On Fear Mongering

…On Planned Parenthood

…On Immigration Reform

…On Misunderstanding Religious Freedom

…On Care of the Earth

…On the Fusion and Confusion of Faith and Politics

…On Marriage Equality

…On Love of Neighbor as a Guiding Principle for Politics

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  1. I LOVE this! You both are compassionate and caring, well-reasoned and eloquent. Kudos to you both and thank you so much for sharing.

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