Find your Courage, Gov. Abbott

Dear Governor Abbott,

My mind boggles at your foolish decision to remove coronavirus protections for Texans. We are on the cusp of getting this pandemic under control; now is not the time to fail in leadership.

I applauded your decision to listen to the scientists and order a mask mandate fairly early. When you used your proper authority properly in this way, you demonstrated political courage and non-partisan wisdom. Please find that courage again and rescind your order to remove these vital protections.

Businesses need for you to have their backs when they provide safe spaces for their customers. Schools need for you to have their backs when they make decisions about our teachers and students. Medical workers need for you to have their backs as they bravely battle this horrific disease and put their own lives at risk. Texans need for you to have our backs when we are – just now – so close to finding some normalcy again.

Please do not let failed leadership at ERCOT tempt you to yet another spectacular failure of leadership. Please do not let angry extremist demands drown out responsible voices that are urging patient persistence. Please do not let politics overrule science.

Announcing that you have listened to reason, attended to the science, and changed your mind may make some people unhappy; so be it. Your job is not to kowtow to special interests but rather to protect your citizens and work for the common good of every Texan.

You MUST do that for us now.


Reverend Charlotte Vaughan Coyle